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Vented Tailgate

Stromberg (Part Number:VGM-88-100)

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This Vented Tailgate allows the Fifth Wheel Hitch access to the without causing any damage to the truck bed. Made of heavy-duty steel tubing, the open design improves rear vision and reduces drag in the truck bed.

  • See "Vehicle" tab for the complete list of vehicles that this tailgate is designed to fit.
  • Not designed to carry weight in the down position - DO NOT SIT or STEP ON.
  • To view tailgate dimensions CLICK HERE


Made In:USA


  • Gate measures 64.5" across
  • Light weight, aerodynamic design that actually improves gas mileage.
  • Made of heavy-duty steel tubing.
  • Open design improves rear visibility.
  • Allows access to truck bed for fifth wheel hitch.

Stromberg Carlson Products

Our grandfather, David Stromberg, used to walk out on the shop floor with his white shirt and tie. If something was not working correctly that he had engineered, he would roll up his sleeves and run the job himself until he solved the problem. More times than not his shirt remained white. No one was too good to do the work, and whatever it took was done to find a solution.

Our father, Bob Brammer Sr., believed your word was your worth, and your worth was your word. He traveled through a young industry cementing relationships, and meeting the needs of his Company's customers. He shot from the hip making a deal on the spot, and then lived with its outcome to the customers satisfaction. He focused on the relationship with the customer, realizing he could not accomplish his goals without first meeting his customer's needs.

Charlie and I are the third generation in the business. We have scraped knuckles making proto types, and traveled the roads to meet with customers in their back yards. At our facility we talk about ISO-9000, CNC Machinery, Capability Studies, and developing reliable manufacturing systems. But on the road we talk to our customers about their goals and their vision, what lies ahead for them over the next five years. Until we understand what lies ahead for our customers we can not orchestrate our business. Serving your needs is the only way we can achieve success. Then the secret is to never stop chasing the needs of your customers. How can we help you today to be successful tomorrow?

The above information has been provided by the Manufacturer, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy thereof or endorse the opinions expressed.

1988ChevroletC1500 Pickup
1988ChevroletC2500 Pickup
1988ChevroletC3500 Pickup
1988ChevroletK1500 Pickup
1988ChevroletK2500 Pickup
1988ChevroletK3500 Pickup
1988GMCC1500 Pickup
1988GMCC2500 Pickup
1988GMCC3500 Pickup
1988GMCK1500 Pickup
1988GMCK2500 Pickup
1988GMCK3500 Pickup
1989ChevroletC1500 Pickup
1989ChevroletC2500 Pickup
1989ChevroletC3500 Pickup
1989ChevroletK1500 Pickup
1989ChevroletK2500 Pickup
1989ChevroletK3500 Pickup
1989GMCC1500 Pickup
1989GMCC2500 Pickup
1989GMCC3500 Pickup
1989GMCK1500 Pickup
1989GMCK2500 Pickup
1989GMCK3500 Pickup
1990ChevroletC1500 Pickup
1990ChevroletC2500 Pickup
1990ChevroletC3500 Pickup
1990ChevroletK1500 Pickup
1990ChevroletK2500 Pickup
1990ChevroletK3500 Pickup
1990GMCC1500 Pickup
1990GMCC2500 Pickup
1990GMCC3500 Pickup
1990GMCK1500 Pickup
1990GMCK2500 Pickup
1990GMCK3500 Pickup
1991ChevroletC1500 Pickup
1991ChevroletC2500 Pickup
1991ChevroletC3500 Pickup
1991ChevroletK1500 Pickup
1991ChevroletK2500 Pickup
1991ChevroletK3500 Pickup
1991GMCC1500 Pickup
1991GMCC2500 Pickup
1991GMCC3500 Pickup
1991GMCK1500 Pickup
1991GMCK2500 Pickup
1991GMCK3500 Pickup
1992ChevroletC1500 Pickup
1992ChevroletC2500 Pickup
1992ChevroletC3500 Pickup
1992ChevroletK1500 Pickup
1992ChevroletK2500 Pickup
1992ChevroletK3500 Pickup
1992GMCC1500 Pickup
1992GMCC2500 Pickup
1992GMCC3500 Pickup
1992GMCK1500 Pickup
1992GMCK2500 Pickup
1992GMCK3500 Pickup
1993ChevroletC1500 Pickup
1993ChevroletC2500 Pickup
1993ChevroletC3500 Pickup
1993ChevroletK1500 Pickup
1993ChevroletK2500 Pickup
1993ChevroletK3500 Pickup
1993GMCC1500 Pickup
1993GMCC2500 Pickup
1993GMCC3500 Pickup
1993GMCK1500 Pickup
1993GMCK2500 Pickup
1993GMCK3500 Pickup
1994ChevroletC1500 Pickup
1994ChevroletC2500 Pickup
1994ChevroletC3500 Pickup
1994ChevroletK1500 Pickup
1994ChevroletK2500 Pickup
1994ChevroletK3500 Pickup
1994GMCC1500 Pickup
1994GMCC2500 Pickup
1994GMCC3500 Pickup
1994GMCK1500 Pickup
1994GMCK2500 Pickup
1994GMCK3500 Pickup
1995ChevroletC1500 Pickup
1995ChevroletC2500 Pickup
1995ChevroletC3500 Pickup
1995ChevroletK1500 Pickup
1995ChevroletK2500 Pickup
1995ChevroletK3500 Pickup
1995GMCC1500 Pickup
1995GMCC2500 Pickup
1995GMCC3500 Pickup
1995GMCK1500 Pickup
1995GMCK2500 Pickup
1995GMCK3500 Pickup
1996ChevroletC1500 Pickup
1996ChevroletC2500 Pickup
1996ChevroletC3500 Pickup
1996ChevroletK1500 Pickup
1996ChevroletK2500 Pickup
1996ChevroletK3500 Pickup
1996GMCC1500 Pickup
1996GMCC2500 Pickup
1996GMCC3500 Pickup
1996GMCK1500 Pickup
1996GMCK2500 Pickup
1996GMCK3500 Pickup
1997ChevroletC1500 Pickup
1997ChevroletC2500 Pickup
1997ChevroletC3500 Pickup
1997ChevroletK1500 Pickup
1997ChevroletK2500 Pickup
1997ChevroletK3500 Pickup
1997GMCC1500 Pickup
1997GMCC2500 Pickup
1997GMCC3500 Pickup
1997GMCK1500 Pickup
1997GMCK2500 Pickup
1997GMCK3500 Pickup
1998ChevroletC1500 Pickup
1998ChevroletC2500 Pickup
1998ChevroletC3500 Pickup
1998ChevroletK1500 Pickup
1998ChevroletK2500 Pickup
1998ChevroletK3500 Pickup
1998GMCC1500 Pickup
1998GMCC2500 Pickup
1998GMCC3500 Pickup
1998GMCK1500 Pickup
1998GMCK2500 Pickup
1998GMCK3500 Pickup
1999ChevroletC1500 PickupClassic Body Style - All Models
1999ChevroletC2500 PickupClassic Body Style - All Models
1999ChevroletC3500 Pickup
1999ChevroletK1500 PickupClassic Body Style - All Models
1999ChevroletK2500 PickupClassic Body Style - All Models
1999ChevroletK3500 Pickup
1999GMCC1500 PickupClassic Body Style - All Models
1999GMCC2500 PickupClassic Body Style - All Models
1999GMCC3500 Pickup
1999GMCK1500 PickupClassic Body Style - All Models
1999GMCK2500 PickupClassic Body Style - All Models
1999GMCK3500 Pickup
2000ChevroletC3500 PickupClassic Body Style - All Models
2000ChevroletK3500 Pickup
2000GMCC3500 PickupClassic Body Style - All Models
2000GMCK3500 Pickup

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